Pile ( Pee-le ) is Ana. And Ana is an artist as she is a journalist too who is good with written word but not when it comes to express a meaning of her art. Instead of using her own words she quotes famous philosophers, life teachers, leaders, artists, poets, etc. trough which quotes she tell more about her artwork then she would be able to form a valuable sentence of her own thoughts that describes her art.

Ana stared exploring and facing art in her childhood but then she completely abused that potential she was hiding. In 2011 she moved away from her home country, Slovenia, when she started the journey  of life, living around the world. Living different cultures from African to American, she finds her inner connection with culture of Native Americans. There is no direct or blood relations to any tribe of indigenous people of US. Her brother who used to look like Native American with his long hair was her first association to the native American world. Then life brought her to the husband who build a house on a beautiful Barkers mountain in Northern Washington, once a home of many Native Americans.

“My art are my own experienced emotions. And sometimes those emotions are just wild. My paintings could look very innocent, but they carry that deep meaning in its structure, and the painting itself values more just because of those emotions. I love to scrape a pallet knife trough the canvas as I am revenging for something. I love to use soft brushes to smoothly liven my characters. I like experimenting different mediums but my most favorite medium is pallet knife in use with oil colors. I do my art to let out trapped emotions, sensations and thoughts while giving a life to my paintings by complete devotion. I do my art within deep involvement of my inner self. And this is the result.”

Ana never question if she should do something she is afraid to do. She just does it, and if she don’t like it she keep shaping the artwork until she is ready to let her art to be, ready for an exhibit.


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